All partner visa applicants must have a sponsor


What are my obligations when sponsoring my partner for an Australian fiancé visa or a partner visa?


All partner visa applicants must have a sponsor


However not all people will be eligile to sponsors their partners. There are circumstances where a sponsor may be precluded from being an eligible sponsor. This can be for a number of reasons, previously sponsoring two or more partner visa applicants, or being sponsored themselves for a partner visa within the last five years.


Sponsoring an Australian visa applicant


All partner and fiancé visa sponsors sign an undertaking on their sponsorship form which is submitted with the applicant’s application. The sponsorship must be submitted at the time as the applicant’s partner or fiancé visa application.


If your fiancé is applying for a fiancé visa, knows as a prospective marriage visa, as the sponsor you will be solely responsible for all financial obligations that your fiancé may incur during his or her stay in Australia. This is why part of your sponsorship assessment the Department of Immigration will need to know your employment and financial circumstances.


If however your partner is granted a partner visa, as the sponsor you must provide adequate accommodation and financial assistance that is needed to meet your partners living needs. It is accepted that this requirements extends to reasonable living needs.


Sponsoring an offshore partner visa application


If your partner is lodging an offshore partner visa application, then you are required to provide your partner with adequate accommodation and financial assistance to cover their first two years in Australia. If your partner is applying onshore, then the assistance would cover the two years after the successful grant of the temporary partner visa.


In short you must be able to provide for your partner from the time they are granted the temporary partner visa until the grant of the permanent partner visa. This period of time is generally two years. As part of a well thorough and well prepared partner visa application the sponsor should include documentary evidence that support their ability to provide accommodation and financial assistance to their partner.


If your partner’s application includes secondary applicants, then your sponsorship undertaking extends to all secondary applicants as well. For this reason it is very important to first ascertain whether you have the capacity to provide the support for not only your partner, but any included secondary applicants.


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