Australian visa information

Australian visa information

There are currently over 150 different types of Australian visas.

Some visas are temporary, whilst others are permanent. Application criteria and processing times vary greatly depending upon the type of visa being applied for.

Some visas can be approved almost instantly, whereas others may take several months to be approved, and some have strict health criteria.

It is therefore absolutely essential that you only apply for the right visa that suits your proposed purpose and duration of stay in Australia.

Australia’s Migration Laws


Australia’s migration laws and regulations are constantly being amended, and can be an absolute minefield for the unwary. The laws regulations not only provide for where an applicant must physically be to lodge a valid visa application for a particular visa, but the criteria that must also be satisfied at the date of application and at the date a determination is made on the visa application. If you fail to satisfy the criteria for a particular visa between date of application and date of determination then the visa must be refused.

Even after you arrive in Australia, if you do not have the correct visa, the visa that you do have may be cancelled at immigration clearance. A person in Australia without a valid visa is referred to as an unlawful non-citizen, and may be subject to removal. You do not want to find yourself in this position. If you do, you may very well find yourself on the next flight back to your home country without having set foot in Australia.

Just one example of the above is if you have a tourist visa with six month validity and you are intending to undertake a course of study in Australia for the duration of that visa. One of the conditions of a tourist visa is that it allows the visa holder to undertake a course of study of up to three months, any longer and you would have breached the condition of the tourist visa. In this example the appropriate visa would have been a student visa, but this is just one example.

You must have a valid Australian visa


Anyone wishing to travel to Australia must first apply for and have a valid visa prior to travelling to Australia.In fact you will be denied the boarding of your flight if you do not have a valid visa prior to your departure to Australia! Therefore, it is your responsibility to ensure that you have the right visa to travel to Australia, and not the responsibility of the airline.

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