Dependant relatives


Can my Thai wife include other dependant relatives in her Australian partner visa application?



Dependant relatives

This is a question that is often asked, and causes some confusion. Particularly as Thai culture places such a large emphasis and importance on the family unit. It is not uncommon in Thailand for many extended members of the applicant’s family to live under the same roof. Although this is not very common in western countries it is very common in Thailand.



Including relatives in a partner visa

If your Thai wife or partner has a dependent child, then that child can be included in her partner visa application. By partner visa application we are also referring to the fiancé visa application too, that is, the prospective marriage visa.  She will not need to lodge a separate application for the child. If however the child is not currently migrating, but intending to migrate at a later date, then a separate application must be lodged for the child.



The question that often arises however is what other dependant relatives may also be included in your Thai wife’s partner visa application. It is not every family member of your Thai wife that will be eligible to migrate to Australia.



Assesing who is a dependant relative


In order to be assessed being a dependant relative the person must be either the applicants parent, sister, brother, step sister or brother, nephew or niece, step-grand parent, step-grand child, step-aunt, step-uncle step-niece or step nephew. Sounds confusing? However any of those persons must also be single, usually resident in your household and wholly or substantially reliant upon the applicant for their basic living needs such as food, clothing and accommodation. In short there must be reliance upon the applicant.



Furthermore the relative must have been reliant upon you for at least the 12 months prior to the lodgment of the partner visa application and more reliant upon the applicant for the substantial support than any other person or source. As you can therefore easily assess it is not every relative that would be classed as a dependant relative and able to be included in your Thai wife’s Australian partner visa application.



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