Australian Prospective Marriage Visa / Fiancé Visa

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What is an Australian Prospective Marriage Visa / Fiancé Visa?

Commonly known as the Fiancé Visa, the Prospective Marriage Visa is for a non-Australian citizen who is engaged to be married to an Australian citizen, an Australian Permanent Resident (PR) or an eligible New Zealand citizen. A Fiancé Visa provides the foreign fiancé / fiancée with a 9-month stay with their sponsoring partner in Australia before they must move onto the next step in the visa process.



  • The foreign fiancé / fiancée (the Applicant) must be in a genuine continuing relationship with his/her Australian partner (the Sponsor)
  • Both Applicant and Sponsor must be engaged at the time of the application
  • Both Applicant and Sponsor must satisfy certain eligibility criteria, or the visa will not be granted

A Fiancé Visa applicant can include their ‘secondary’ dependent family members, such as their children, in the application. All secondary applicants must also satisfy a set of criteria to be eligible. On top of this, any dependants of the Applicant must satisfy health and character criteria.


Once visa is granted, the foreign fiancé / fiancée enjoys the following benefits:

  • He/She can enter or leave Australia as many times as he/she wishes within the 9-month validity period
  • He/She can work in Australia
  • He/She can apply for Partner Visa after marriage

The Prospective Marriage Visa / Fiancé Visa application is a complex process. It usually takes one or more months to prepare an application, and the official global departmental processing time is about 1 year+, although times vary depending on many factors, including the thoroughness of an application, how well it is prepared, which Embassy is processing the application and how busy they are at the time. Unless strict guidelines are followed, including meeting all the relevant criteria and the attachment of all relevant supporting evidence, it is highly likely that a visa application will be refused (approximately 70% of all Australian visa applications are refused). The application fee for the Fiancé Visa is currently $7000AUD and if the application is refused the application fee is usually not refunded, therefore you definitely want to make sure you get it right the first time!
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