Meeting your girlfriend on the internet


Meeting your girlfriend on the internet



Many people these days use the internet to search for a friend or girlfriend. Our lives are often so busy in the 21st century and it is hard to find the time to go out to pubs, bars etc and meet new people. So the internet is great in that it allows us to search for new friends from the comfort of our own home at a time convenient to us. 15 years ago it was on the periphery but now using the internet has become main stream and very commonplace globally.


There are many friendship and dating websites. In fact there are usually a variety of sites to choose for even when searching for someone from a particular country, region or orientation.


I know that many Australian men have found and used the different Filipina websites and met a nice lady on the site. Often after the initial introductions and some getting to know each other on the website the conversation shifts to other mediums such as Skype, messengers, SMS’S and of course personal emails.


If things have progressed well we often want to take the next step and think about meeting face to face. If we can manage to get some time off work we arrange to fly over to the Philippines and meet our new friend. Things may then progress from there and after spending some quality time together we often find ourselves in a relationship as boyfriend and girlfriend.


However, our holiday time comes to an end and we have to return home to work. This is often a difficult situation for us and our new Filipina girlfriend. I have often been asked:


What can we do now?”


One option is simply to return home to Australia and wait until you have another holiday break and keep in touch with your Filipina girlfriend until then. This is often not what couples really want – to be separated for another long period of time (usually many months between significant holiday breaks) and it can place a tremendous strain on the relationship.


Depending of course on their situation, what I usually advise people to do is think about whether they would like their girlfriend to come and visit them in Australia. This is often a really good solution because it can achieve a lot of aims. Australian Tourist visas can be granted for periods of 3, 6 or 12 months and this can allow you and your girlfriend to spend a lot of quality time together. This sort of time would not normally be available to most Aussie men who are working 48 weeks a year, or even to some of the men who do shift work or high volume high intensity work followed by a substantial break. The Aussie man can earn a living and still be with his Filipina girlfriend at the same time.


The time in Australia also allows the couple to see how they can work together for longer periods and in a typical daily life environment of going to work, coming home, weekends together, etc. Furthermore, having your Filipina girlfriend stay with you in Australia is usually far cheaper than when you are travelling in the Philippines and staying in hotels every night.


So an initial Tourist visa usually ticks all the boxes and we usually recommend this followed by another Tourist visa or possibly some sort of family visa – like a Fiancé or Partner visa. The fine details really depend on your specific situation and it is always very important to assess this before proceeding. Unfortunately many Aussie men do not realise that obtaining even an Australian Tourist visa for their Filipina girlfriend is not an easy task and a large percentage of self-prepared applications are refused by the Australian Embassy in Manila. The Philippines is considered to be a high risk country by the department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) and visa applicants are required to submit a paper application and a considerable amount of supporting documentation. There are a number of assumptions that must be overcome in order for your girlfriend to be granted a tourist visa.


Considering the above we recommend that you consult us to assess your situation, provide you with advice and options and give you a strategy and forward planning so you can achieve your aim of continuing your relationship with your Filipina girlfriend from the comfort of your own home in Australia. We can provide you with both a short and long term strategy and plan so you can be with your Filipina girlfriend now and have the option to be with her in future on a more permanent basis should things progress further.



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