Partner (Marriage or De-Facto) visa


A Partner visa is a visa that is designed to suit a couple that is either married or in a ‘de facto’ relationship. It is a visa that once granted will allow the ‘Applicant’ to live and work in Australia. It will also lead to Permanent Residency (PR). The Partner visa may be applied for outside or inside Australia.


A relationship that qualifies for a Partner visa is one where the Applicant is in a genuine a continuing relationship with an Australian citizen or Australian permanent resident (the ‘Sponsor’). The relationship must be either a marriage which is legally recognised in Australia, or a de facto relationship. There is a strict and narrow definition of what is defined as a de facto relationship. As gay marriages are not currently recognised in Australia these couple must go for the de facto option.


Both the Applicant and Sponsor must satisfy certain eligibility criteria or the visa will not be granted. For example: the Sponsor must be an approved person in that they can demonstrate that they can provide adequate accommodation and financial support for their partners first two years of settlement.


Apart from the Applicant and Sponsor having to evidence that they are in a genuine and continuing relationship, the Applicant must be able to satisfy Australia’s health and character criteria.


Partner visa Applicants can include their dependent family members, such as their children, in their application. All ‘secondary’ Applicants must also satisfy a set of criteria in order to be eligible. On top of this, any dependents of the Applicant must satisfy health and character criteria, whether they are intending to migrate or not.


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The Partner visa application is a complex process. It usually takes months to prepare an application and the official global departmental processing time is about 1 year, although times vary depending on many factors. Unless strict guidelines are followed, including meeting all of the relevant criteria and the attachment of all relevant supporting evidence, it is highly likely that a visa application will be refused (about 70% of all Australian visa applications are refused).


However, we at Australian Visa Advice have a Exceptionally High success rate. Our detailed knowledge of the law and years of experience preparing literally 100’s of applications will take the stress, confusion and high risk of failure out of the visa process. We often help clients who have had their visa applications previously refused because they have either tried to obtain the visa themselves or used unqualified and inexperienced Migration Agents. They have wasted precious time, money and effort.


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