Sponsorship eligibility for an Australian partner visa


All Australian partner visa applicants must have a sponsor. For partner visa purposes this includes fiancé visas, known as a prospective marriage visa, and partner visas whether the application is based on legal marriage or a de-facto relationship.


Sponsorship eligibility for an Australian partner visa


Unlike skilled migration visas, where the application criteria is based on the skills and qualifications and relevant work history that the intending migrant has, the family migration stream is based on the applicant having a genuine relationship with a person who is either an Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen. Not all New Zealand citizens will meet the requirement of being classed as eligible.


The sponsor must be prepared to not only sponsor the applicant, known as the primary applicant, but any dependant family members who are also included in the application as secondary applicants as well. For example, if an applicant has lodged an Australian fiancé visa application, and the applicant has a child from previous relationship, then the child can be included as a secondary applicant. The applicant would be making what is known as a combined fiancé visa application, or combined prospective marriage visa application. The terms fiancé visa and prospective marriage visa are in fact interchangeable and mean the same thing.



Sponsorship eligibilty, secondary applicant


In the example above the sponsor obligations would also extend to the child as well. Depending upon the type of visa being applied for the Migration Regulations provide for exactly who can be considered secondary applicants for the purposes of making a combined application for that particular type of visa. Not all members of an applicant’s family can be included as secondary applicants. Generally it is only dependant family members of the applicant.


Sponsors must satisfy a wide range of criteria in order to be eligible to sponsor their partner or fiancé, which also includes any secondary applicants if they are also included in the application. To determine whether you are eligible to sponsor your partner or fiancé it is first recommended that you complete the sponsorship to migrate to Australia form which is available from the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC).


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